Michelle Napanangka Earl

"Our land, our people, our spiritual world is connected by our Elders passing their knowledge, skills and stories onto both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples so that it is not forgotten and therefore pass into the mists of history."

As a proud Darkinjung woman with Wonnarua ties Michelle has a personal connection to the Hunter Valley and respectfully teaches and celebrates the Traditional Aboriginal Culture of the Communities that reside across the valley.

By facilitating workshops in painting and basket weaving Michelle is gaining a richness of Culture that she never thought she would gain or even be able to share with others.


The knowledge and skills that Michelle shares has been passed down for thousands of years, “it is, as it always has been”. Drawn to all forms of arts and crafts, Michelle was approached by an Elder of the Wonnarua people suggesting that by learning to paint using Aboriginal techniques, and researching and painting local Dreamtime Stories that this would assist her in gaining knowledge and understanding her Cultural Heritage. Michelle took up the challenge and she is now producing works of art that have stories within stories and through traditional, contemporary, and modern basketry techniques, is also now enthusiastically exploring her Heritage through the medium of natural fibres and man-made materials by producing uniquely individual woven baskets.

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