Kara Wood

"Memory is an integral aspect of the human experience, a source of tremendous power, events of the present catalogued for reference, playing a role in our future selves"

Kara Wood is a ceramic artist known for her exploration of the intricate and multi-dimensional palimpsest of life. Through her use of throwing and hand-building techniques, she skillfully manipulates forms, creating captivating canvases for her artistic expression. At the heart of Kara’s work lies her interest in storytelling. She enhances her surfaces with a unique blend of text, illustrations, and texture, weaving together a powerful narrative that engages viewers and draws them into discussion and contemplation. In her residency with Wendy Gers – International Ceramic Curator in Saint Rapheal, France in 2020, Kara further honed her craft, enriching her artistic repertoire and cross-cultural influences. Her dedication and artistic excellence have earned her recognition as a finalist in prestigious art prizes like the Dobell Art Prize, the Muswellbrook Art Prize, and the Blacktown City Art Prize.


Kara Wood has always loved the grunge and workings of industrial settings, finding beauty on the factory floor. The machinery, the patina, the people and the narratives within a space inspire her to create. Attending the first open day for artists, and what struck Wood was the most overwhelming feeling of love and friendship. A sentiment evident among employees also expressed in many ways about the much-loved plant. She was surprised to discover the equipment had names and personalities, and intimate memories became the source of many tales. Kara Wood remarks the power station seemed to have taken on the guise of an old friend, acknowledging the sadness that would come with it's closure. Discovering these sentiments through the residency, Wood endeavours to capture friendship, documentation for reminiscence, and a moment in time that will remain long after she (Liddell Power Station) has gone.

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