Rebecca Rath

"The employees fondly called the site, Mother, referring to it as a ‘she’ or ‘her’ and feel quite nostalgic about eventually leaving Her. I’m keen to explore, through a visual narrative, this emotional connection to the site"

Rebecca Rath lives on a vineyard with her family in Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley. As an en plein air artist her process is site-specific, where she collates information for later use through recordings, text, drawings, painting and photography. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours from New South Wales University and participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Italy, USA, Hong Kong, China and Switzerland.


When Rebecca Rath had the opportunity to visit the Liddell Power Station site she was struck by the impressive infrastructure and meeting the passionate employees, in awe of its grandeur. She was surprised by having an emotional experience with visiting the site, starting with preconceived ideas of it being a ‘dry’ place which lacked a soul. She was moved by its vast and complex history demonstrated in its infrastructure – it holding visual memories of its working time. Rath is keen to explore, through a visual narrative, the emotional connection to the site and it's employees. She hopes the work engages the audience with a sense of awe to reflect on our technical advances over time through the medium of drawing. She also endeavours to push her creativity and create outside of her comfort zone. Being used to painting natural landscapes, it will expand her visual language and develop her mark making skills to create a body of work based on the industrial landscape.

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