Anna Rankmore

"Manipulating and moving, witnessing and wrangling eternal change is a continuing captivation of the musical arts, the ephemeral documentation of place and time though music is a fleeting insight into human meaning, past , present and future. Melody and Rhythm, time and timbre, accent and syncopation, harmony and structure are eternal enthrallments of musicians in times of change. Expressing all that cannot be said. Liddell Works is a fascinating example of authenticating change, a compositional challenge, a musical work driven by the site, the lives lived"

Anna Rankmore is the lead musician and technologist for the Liddell project in collaboration with Andrew French-Northam as a project management and technical consultant. Anna Rankmore’s compositional practice expresses traditional orchestral timbres in fusion with electronically devised soundscapes. She explores musical interests in transparent diatonic harmonic structures allowing deep manipulation of rhythmic and textual elements across a broader timeline. Some of Anna’s compositional practices are a reaction to her multi-continent and multi-country life experiences. Eastern Europe, the Middle East and now Australia all unite together in contemporary perspective.


Liddell Voices is the artwork that Rankmore will be producing for LiddellWORKS. Revolving around the diverse voices and sounds present within the site. It focuses on capturing the human activity and industrial sounds of Liddell through a combination of spoken word and musical elements. The aim is to reinterpret these sounds and lives into a cohesive and meaningful musical work. To achieve this, the project team conducts interviews with the workforce of Liddell and combines it with sounds recorded onsite at Liddell. These interviews serve as a source of inspiration, generating fragments of pitch and rhythm. The team transcribes and manipulates these fragments using Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) concepts, processes, and techniques..

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