Huw Jones

"I am interested in the sound collection process in this space. Being able to capture and present the audio data in ways that may be more abstract or factually recreated the audio environment, working conditions, machinery used, acoustic responses and so much more"

Beginning his musical life as a passionate guitarist, Huw Jones has had a more traditional music upbringing with private guitar tuition at Wagga Wagga Conservatorium then transitioning into the professional music world playing in many bands from Blues, funk to hard rock. All the while Huw maintained a constant interest in recording and the sonic and performance possibilities that technology enabled. This led Huw to find his second musical instrument, Ableton Live. As an ambassador for Ableton Live and Push, Huw has also contributed greatly to the growth of the brand in NSW for educators and musicians alike, working alongside schools, institutions, universities, retailers and CMI. A highlight of these activities would be the 16-piece Ableton Push Orchestra he assembled for University of Newcastle. In 2012, Huw’s debut electronic music release, as Fox Control, was commercially well received charting at #1 on iTunes in Australia and his contributions to many Australia Arts Council and NSW Ministry for the Arts funded theatre productions have earned him awards for ‘Excellence in Sound Design’ in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019. In 2020 Huw had his first label release on Dutch record Label Armada.


Huw's project aims to capture the essence of Liddell through immersive sound recordings, enabling others to engage with and creatively utilize these sounds. Through installations and contemporary music performances, Huw intends to share the captivating and evocative qualities of Liddell's soundscape with the public.

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