Penny Dunstan

According to Uncle Paul Gordon “All things have spirit…Everything has spirit, and everything is connected”. This means that Liddell too has spirit, the wastes from Liddell have spirit as does the land underneath and the water contained in Lake Liddell. In this project we seek to honour the spirit of Liddell by thinking through, and around the many contexts in which Liddell lives, both now and in the future.’

Penny Dunstan’s PhD research examined land rehabilitation at Rix’s Creek mine site through the multiple lenses of soil science, land reconstruction, social licence to operate, and fine art. Her art practice invites the land to represent itself through multidisciplinary techniques: making gallery-based work with Hunter Valley topsoils and anthroposols; long exposure, limited inference, analogue photography in situ; and a writing practice that acknowledges the old ways on Wonnaura Country. Currently she is working with 3D printing earth bowls to explore ideas of cultural and deep time.

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